1. Our efforts

We introduced the Hyper Z series of innovative taps in November 2016. The series comprises brand-new taps that no other companies offer, featuring a flute geometry and cutting-edge design that achieves both stable processing precision and chip evacuation as well as our original surface treatment. Attaining tremendous stability and a long tool life and proposing optimization of the entire hole drilling work in combination with a drill, the series has earned high marks from a broad range of users.

We have recently added to this lineup the Hyper Z Spiral Tap for Stainless Steel. It achieves stable processing of stainless steel, which is known as a hard-to-machine material. It will help users with productivity enhancement and cost cuts.

2. Overview of the new product

(1) Target markets and needs

Stainless steel is so high in corrosion resistance that it is used in a broad range of industrial sectors, including automobiles, industrial machinery, electric machinery, electronics, energy and infrastructure. It is expected to be in growing demand.

Meanwhile, it is high in tenacity and prone to strain hardening. In particular, it is likely to cause trouble arising from chips. As its corrosion resistance improves, stainless steel is expected to be yet more difficult to machine. There are mounting needs for machining tools specially designed for this material.

(2) Features of the Hyper Z Spiral Tap for Stainless Steel

① Stable processing performance

We have developed a flute geometry and cutting-edge design optimized for stainless steel, the chips of which tend to be long. It has improved chip evacuation and paved the way for stable internal thread processing. (Patent pending)

② A longer tool life

Our unique surface treatment is applied to improve strength and wear resistance of the blade tip. It provides a surprising tool life that is at least double that of competitors’ taps for stainless steel.

(3) Series, dimension range and price

Hyper Z Spiral Tap for Stainless Steel

Dimension range: M3 to M12, coarse and fine threads, total of 20 size
Reference dimensions:
Typical dimension M6 (coarse thread) Total length: 62 mm 1,610 yen per piece
(tax excluded)
Typical dimension M12 (coarse thread) Total length: 82 mm 3,830 yen per piece
(tax excluded)

(4) Sales target

Sales target : 100 million yen per year