Weld Timer Integrated in Robot Controller

Weld Timer Integrated in Robot Controller

The intelligent all-in-one package

  • Servo gun, weld timer and other welding functions are all integrated in robot controller.
  • Easy to set up welding conditions. Excellent for controlling weld quality.
  • Air cooling for superior maintainability and reliability.

High Speed

  • Robot controller and timer controller are fully integrated.
  • Increased speed 3.5% by thoroughly reducing wasted I/O processing time between weld timer and robot controller. (compared to regular timer)
  • Greater productivity coupled with high-speed of SRA series.

Improved Operability & Full Traceability Function

  • All weld timer functions can be set from the robot’s teach pendent (welding parameters, stepper counter, welding history, and welding conditions)
  • Welding history of up to 9,999 welds possible.
  • History data can be exported.
  • Track signs of abnormalities on graphic display of welding current.

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